Kids & Staff Love School Lunches from Nutrition ONE

“It is wonderful to work with a nutrition team who responds to your requests and concerns, and when you have a server who is truly a part of your school team!

Mr. Thomas is professional with our staff, our students, and our administration team and provides a friendly smile and sense of humor to our lunch room. 

Nutrition ONE has been outstanding with educating us on their nutrition guidelines, process, and works alongside us to provide outstanding service to our students and families.”

– Melissa Barnett

South Pointe Junior High

“We could not be happier with the food and the service Nutrition ONE provides for BASIS Phoenix Primary. The food is excellent and the menus change regularly. Nutrition ONE is always open to feedback and suggestions and I appreciate that very much.

Nutrition ONE recognizes and acts on the critical contribution that adequate food and good nutrition support academic success. Accordingly, they provide a healthy breakfast and lunch to our students, some of whom might otherwise have little else to eat on schools days. 

It is great to know that our students are getting food that is healthy and tasty. Thank you Nutrition ONE for everything you do for BASIS Phoenix South Primary!”

– Elke Duncan

Head of Operations BASIS Phoenix South Primary

The Reviews Are In: Kids love the School Lunches Catered by Nutrition ONE

“I wanted to reach out and let you know that Chad is doing a wonderful job. OMG. Such a change from all the previous helpers. He gets here early and gets right to work. He is so clean and organized too. So efficient, by the time we (staff) come out to help get things ready for the kids he’s already set up and ready to go. Please don’t ever take him from us. :)”

– Krystal Morris

Ethos Academy, 9/2021

“Nutrition ONE not only contracted with us during the 2014-2015 school year, but also took on the huge responsibility of having to go through an NSLP administrative review with us during our first contract year together.

The company never hesitated and agreeing to work with us and insured us that we would not have the same issue with them that we had with prior companies. The can-do attitude and willingness of this company to jump in and do whatever is possible to make sure the students are not only eating but enjoying the food, has been a breath of fresh air for us.”

– Casey Weiss

Cornerstone Charter School

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