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Ultimately, our school catering services creates an educational journey for students through advance menu designs, programs that teach on the importance of sourcing and nutrition, and extending quality service beyond the plate.

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About Nutrition One

Nutrition One is a school catering & Food Service Management Company that specializes in creating USDA-compliant programs and menus for k-12 school lunches. We utilize menu-creating technology to ensure compliance with the National School Lunch Program standards, while customizing diverse menus for each school we serve. Furthermore, with a focus on education, sustainability, and sourcing from local and American crops, we are dedicated to making lunch fun while promoting healthy eating habits and satisfying the unique needs of every district we work with.

Thank you so much Alex, Randi and everyone at N1 for helping us out during this time of complete chaos. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Please let everyone at N1 how grateful we are to have you all as our caterer.
Cathy Valenzuela-Granados
New World Educational center

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A Word From Our Partners

Nutrition One Team

Julia & Kali Have 25 Years of Combined Experience

Our kitchens are staffed with trained and certified chefs with 12 years of experience meeting National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Standards.

Unique and specific knowledge about the nutritional needs of the K-12 student population. 

Our chefs work to create kid-friendly meals that not only provide nutritional value but are popular among students.

Julia Schroyer-Sims. CEO of Nutrition One.
Kali, the N1 Corporate Chef, folding arms and smiling towards the camera.

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Thank You For Working With Nutrition One!

Are you interested in School Year catering or Federal Summer Feeding Programs?