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The Science of Lunch Catering

About The National School Lunch Program

In 2010, Congress passed the Hunger-Free Kids Act to ensure every American child has access to the nutrition they needed to support their growing bodies.

The National School Lunch Program became a standard for school lunches everywhere.  For the first time in 30 years, the USDA had the opportunity to make reforms to create healthy standards for school lunch and breakfast programs for free or low cost to students.

Nutrition One creates USDA-compliant programs and menus to make lunch fun again!
We use menu creating technology to make sure we are within National School Lunch Program standards while building a customized menu for every school we serve. 

About Our Vision

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Understanding the concept of sustainability and taking action to support it is crucial. In addition to that, we plan to provide informative signage and literature in all of our cafeterias. Our goal is to help students and staff make informed decisions that align with sustainable practices. We believe that by working together, we can make a significant impact and achieve a sustainable future for our communities.


At Nutrition One, we are committed to delivering vibrant, visually appealing, and nutritionally fulfilling food choices to our clients. Moreover, we understand that how we serve is just as important as what we serve. We are proud to offer food served on reusable trays or eco-friendly paper boats, which are recyclable by schools.


With a commitment to local crops, seasonal ingredients, and sustainable practices, we can promote healthy student and staff nutrition and advance environmental stewardship. Furthermore, we aspire to educate and inspire through an interactive approach to gardening and fresh produce.

About Our Start

Julia & Kali Have 25 Years of Combined Experience

“Our catering team has experience from Super Bowls to supermarkets to schools, and everything in between. Serving over 20,000 meals a day and 3 million+ meals a year, our chefs, staff, and management make impactful changes one meal at a time.

Julia Schroyer-Sims. CEO of Nutrition One.

Executive Chef, CEO, Founder  
 Nutrition One

Kali Solimeno Marconett - Corporate Chef Nutrition One

Corporate Chef

 Nutrition One

What We Do

Nutrition One knows that every school requires different nutritional needs. 

We work with local food vendors to promote sustainability and education. 

Not only do we survey the site to find out what they like, but we also educate how food becomes fuel for the mind and body

Following The National School Lunch Program Guidelines

Nutrition One recognizes that every district has different needs according to the demographics, age groups, and locations. We want to become the fabric of your schools.

Our approach will always be the same however the path may vary per school. The only outcome will be complete satisfaction accomplished by a foundation of communication and passion for what we do. 

How We Do It

We use vibrant literature to explain how to students about growing seasons and sustainability. 

Our nutritionist surveys and taste tests create a customized wellness program. 

Our professional crew of employees prepare, deliver, and serve meals on-site according to each school’s needs.

Have you worked with us before?

Existing clients can fill out the current client application to register with Nutrition One for school meals or summer feeding programs.  

New clients can learn about the services we offer in schools and how Nutrition One can help your school or organization serve FREE meals this summer through Federal summer feeding programs!

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Are you interested in School Year catering or Federal Summer Feeding Programs?

Thank You For Working With Nutrition One!

Are you interested in School Year catering or Federal Summer Feeding Programs?