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Nutrition One simplifies school dining with our flexible options. From top-notch catering to efficient cafeteria management, we offer the perfect mix to meet your school’s unique needs.

Buy Quality, Eat Good.

We believe that great meals start with great ingredients, and that’s why we partner with trusted suppliers, vendors, and industry partners nationwide.  Quality is our promise.

Buy Quality, Eat Good.

The Kitchen Innovations.

 Our team of certified chefs curate new menu items daily.  Finding the sweet spot between compliance and delicious, we recognize that each school has its own distinct nutritional needs.  Shaped by demographics, age groups, and location, we tailor meals to the unique requirements of every district.


Our vans are equipped with NSF food carrier equipment to maintain safe temperatures during transport, while GPS tracking ensures efficient and reliable delivery, guaranteeing your meals are delivered in the best condition possible.



Nutrition One’s commitment to quality extends seamlessly into our service.  We delivery and serve excellence through all steps of our operations, each and every day.

About Our Vision

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Understanding the concept of sustainability and taking action to support it is crucial. In addition to that, we plan to provide informative signage and literature in all of our cafeterias. Our goal is to help students and staff make informed decisions that align with sustainable practices. We believe that by working together, we can make a significant impact and achieve a sustainable future for our communities.

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At Nutrition One, we are committed to delivering vibrant, visually appealing, and nutritionally fulfilling food choices to our clients. Moreover, we understand that how we serve is just as important as what we serve. We are proud to offer food served on reusable trays or eco-friendly paper boats, which are recyclable by schools.


With a commitment to local crops, seasonal ingredients, and sustainable practices, we can promote healthy student and staff nutrition and advance environmental stewardship. Furthermore, we aspire to educate and inspire through an interactive approach to gardening and fresh produce.

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Are you interested in School Year catering or Federal Summer Feeding Programs?