Much More Than Lunch

Summer Food Service Program

Lunch must go on when school is out

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) ensures that children will still get a healthy meal even when school is done for the summer.

Nutrition ONE works with various sites to provide Summer Food Service Meals for pick-up for all children 0-18 years of age

Food Rules!

Edcucating Kids About Food

How do we know which foods kids like best?
By doing taste tests and surveys!

Food Rules! teaches kids about sustainability, nutrition, and how to eat the rainbow. Once an interest is established with new ingredients we will introduce the item in our menu rotations. Samples are innovative and colorful!

We encourage students to try something new and hopefully share their discoveries with their families.

School Gardens

Where Education Grows

Our goal is to bring light to our school gardens to help with the importance of eating healthy and controlling waste.

Our cafeteria staff is happy to assist with school gardens if desired! We assist in planting seedlings in the classroom and teach about water, time, and sunshine. 

If the students realize the care that goes into each growing season at a young age, it can encourage change and better sustainability practices for life. 

Educational Opportunities

Because Lunch Doesn’t End in The Cafeteria

We do more than serve lunch.
Nutrition ONE partners with schools to promote culinary education in and out of the classroom.

Chef Sessions

How nutrition and Education Work Together

With a staff of abundant talent in the culinary industry, we are often asked to guest speak in many classroom settings. 

We teach younger kids healthy recipes to bring home to their families, and educate older kids about culinary business and nutrition. 

Nutrition ONE will always be a partner in educating as well as serving. 


Kids learn where their food comes from in school gardens or on field trips

Sports Sponsorships

Fueling All-Stars

In an effort to support all school programs, Nutrition ONE will offer a donation of up to $500 for uniforms for any of our schools.

We support all sports teams including cheerleading, dance, and band.

We are available to assist with booster clubs and snack bars too!

Nutrition ONE contributes food and kids meals to sports teams

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Are you interested in School Year catering or Federal Summer Feeding Programs?