About Nutrition One

We Foster Education

We believe in educating the children on whole foods. We use bright colorful produce never compromising quality. Whole fruits such as nectarines, bananas, pears, plums, grape and apples. We use leafy greens and whole grain products. We stay away from food dyes, preservatives and added sugars. Food is energy for the kids. Energy creates positive movement!


Our Mission

Working with Integrity to provide meals with
integrity to our community daily.


Our Vision

To create a healthy environment through a nutritional
journey reaching every hungry child.


About Chef julia

Julia began her career in the food industry in 2000. She started by working in several different restaurants learning recipes, operations, hospitality and food trends. She had the fortune of working alongside some incredible chefs and staff along the way. This sparked an interest that would pave the way for her lifelong dream of becoming a chef and business owner. After graduating from Culinary School in 2002, All About Catering Co. was born.

During her ten years as a caterer in the west valley she was always toying with the idea of writing a series of children’s cookbooks encouraging children to learn about food and how it can be used to fuel their mind and body. This idea morphed into a school lunch program and Nutrition One was born. Four years into the program and she is still passionate about introducing wholesome and nutritious food to children. A cookbook is still in the works, so stay tuned!


The Team