How To Order (Parents Order Instructions)

Parents “How To Order”

Thank you for choosing Nutrition One to provide your child with a healthy and delicious lunch. All orders must be entered online through our website.

This year we’ve partnered with to streamline our lunch ordering process. At the beginning of the school year you should receive a Welcome Letter from your school to get you set up and registered in the system. Once you’ve registered you can begin placing orders.

Click on the ORDER LUNCH to get started.

School Ordering Process

If your are with a school, order direct from us by simply contacting our office manager at 623.846.6800 Wednesday for the following Monday

  • Fun Fact Friday!
  • We had such a great time at New World Educational Center today with Food Rules! The Sweet Potatoes seemed to be a hit.
  • Happy Monday!!
  • Fun Fact Friday!
  • THANKFUL THURSDAY! What are some things that you all are Thankful for? I am Thankful for my amazing family, the best most rewarding job I could ask for, and the wonderful people that I work with!
  • They always have such great inspiration here at Synergy Public Schools.
  • Take any opportunity to get up and get moving!
  • Great time at Discover U. I’d say the kids liked the Sweet Potatoes!
  • Great response from the kids at Happy Valley School today. I’d say they really enjoyed the Sweet Potatoes!
  • Food Rules! was a great success at Brighton Charter School today. I would say the kids loved the Sweet Potatoes!
  • Fun Fact Friday!
  • What great inspiration here at Synergy Public School!
  • Happy Monday from all of us here at Nutrition One! Make sure to start your week off with healthy choices.
  • Many valley schools are starting back to school this week & next. Wishing all the students a great first day & a fantastic 2018-2019 school year!
  • A lot of healthy encouragement in the lunchroom at South Point Elementary school! Today's lunch: Chicken sandwich Crunchy deied "Go Bonzo" beans Apple Juice or dried cranberey, MILK & a Thank you cookie for making healthy choices!
  • It is always great to see words of encouragement when visiting our service schools. Great Job SYNERGY School!
  • Happy to visit Ethos Academy for the Food Rules! End of year visit to offer a sweet treat for eating healthy...After they enjoy their lunch of course! Today's Menu Choices: Chicken sandwich on WG bread. Southwest Chicken Salad. Turkey Sub. Grab n Go (yogurt/cheese/fruit/WH cracker) and today we offered a variety of fruit/ veggie options to select and milk to complete our healthy meal.
  • Always a wonderful visit with the students of Create Academy! What a fantastic day to say Thank you and offer a sweet treat, it's Pizza Day. No worries, pizza is whole grain & there is plenty of healthy stuff too!
  • What's for Lunch? Hamburger on whole wheat bun Crisp carrots Craisins- watermelon Milk (white or chocolate) And... A cookie to say Thank You for eating healthy with Nutrition One school lunch program!
  • What's for lunch? Today Food Rules! Is visiting DHP Academy to taste test our delicious chili. Nutrition One is offering up a yummy lunch today. Teriyaki chicken and Brown rice, crisp carrots, strawberries -peach cup or juice and your choice of milk.